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Updated: Jul 3, 2022

I never had much 'good luck'. So when I started to get symptoms on Friday, December 24th, 2021, I knew that my plans for the holidays were too good to be true. There I was in quarantine for Christmas and NYE - Just my luck.

It has been yet another uneventful year due to the pandemic kicking our asses every time we get even the slightest chance at normal. But, I can't complain since I did have my fair share of memorable moments. Like, going to Vancouver, moving in and out of 3 places within the span of 10 days, and jumping off a dock into the cold river water (drunk) more times than I can count! It was worth it all!

Around the same time last year, Ronnie and I wrote down 10 goals we wanted to either achieve or focus on for the year. I made the mistake of not posting the actual list on our wall or somewhere visible because I'm sure for many months, we actually forgot about it (classic). When we moved out of my mom's place, we found it again and realized we were halfway through the year and had accomplished nothing. I won't share Ronnie's goals as that's personal to him. But here's what I listed:

  1. Put 'me' first. Be more optimistic, focus on those I value, and create better habits

  2. Have a better relationship with dad by actively checking up on him

  3. Be financially focused. Lower debt and save for a house

  4. Take dogs on a hike & be more present with them

  5. Leave work @ work

  6. Get better at Snowboarding

  7. Go camping & do more activities outdoors

  8. Learn something new - Pick up a hobby

  9. Volunteer

  10. Find ways to be more sustainable & make those changes this year

After reading my goals and trying to reflect on what I had done this past year. I realized how much I've done and yet nothing was towards the goals I had listed. I also noticed how inconsistent I was this year especially with all of the other factors that have been thrown at me. Nonetheless, I was able to knock off a few which I'll share with you!

I put myself first - Or at least tried to

I've settled into my own toxic traits. I always think the worse so that I don't feel so much pain when someone does me wrong. I used to try so hard to please people that honestly didn't connect with me personally. I have the worst habits; sleeping past noon, leaving the house a mess for Ronnie to pick up, and body shaming myself after eating a hefty meal. This whole year, I've been trying to be better for myself and to myself. Understanding that I can't change the way people think, and when I feel frustrated about something, it's normally out of my control. I stopped caring for those that stopped for me, and I am trying my best to love my body, love myself the way it should be loved. It's going to take longer than a year to fully attain this goal, but if there's anything I learned this year, even if I was given a handful of 'toxic' traits, I have the ability to turn it around. I am still young and somewhat healthy. The time is now to take care of the body I was given for as long as I possibly can.

My Dad & Our relationship

My dad was never really close to us per se. So it's hard to say that I have a better relationship with him. This year, we did talk a lot more. Mainly to ensure we're both okay and hanging in there during the pandemic. He's helped me with some of my minor struggles; taking care of the dogs when I need them, dropping off food to us, and him lending me things that I need (but can't afford) around the house. I'll check up on him from time to time and still get the consistent "we're okay" or "ok" replies. But at least I know he's a-ok!

My Pups = My World

If this pandemic taught me anything, it's noticing how much I've neglected our pups. I was able to work from home a lot more this year which gave me the opportunity to be around them. I had more freedom to take them with me wherever I went, I cared for them, watched them, and just took in all of the cuddles I possibly could during my at-home workdays. I noticed how much separation anxiety one of them has too as of late, so being able to notice that and taking action now that we're home more often has been a huge surplus, and has put us in an advantage to help the little guy out now rather than later.

Other than that, I didn't really knock anything off my list. Ok, sure I felt like I have gotten better at snowboarding than the year before (hopefully). Otherwise, everything else on that list just seemed so out of reach with the year we've had. I know it's no excuse and I know I bailed at many opportunities that could have helped me accomplish some of my goals. But, that's life, I guess.

This year was honestly so dull and I know that many of you can relate to that. The difference is whether we want to continue this way going into 2022. I know that a lot of us create these goals right at the beginning of the year only to leave it on the backburner by February. Then here we are - back to the same old routine. I WANT this year to be different, don't you? It's like we get an imaginary reset button every 12-months and we get the chance to somewhat start over. We get to reflect on how much we've grown and we get to set new intentions. Why not join the club and actually feel optimistic that you can change and do better for yourself?

I love that saying that "no one is going to make it happen for you BUT you" because it's 100% true. We crush our OWN personal goals, we make our OWN choices, and we learn from our OWN mistakes. So, maybe it's time I take my own word of advice and make 2022 better for myself. The pandemic is an obstacle that has taken a toll on a lot of us mentally. So go at your own pace, do what you need to do without being stupid about it, and make this new year an unforgettable one. Because if another year passes without us actually doing anything, we'll regret it, at least I know I will. So write down those goals and let's get 2022 going!

Happy New Year everyone. Take care, stay safe, and wear those masks!

Until next time.


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