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24 Hours in a Geodome

"Friends are the Family we choose"

I can say that making plans while intoxicated can sometimes be a good thing. My besties and I decided to rent out a Geodome Airbnb about an hour away from the city. The listing mentioned that it would be Glamping completely off-grid. We weren't exactly sure what to expect because it was all of our first time going GLAMPING but it definitely held its standards.

We all decided to take the Friday off from work so that we can take advantage of the daylight. We all woke up pretty damn early, got everything packed into C's car, and had a cute little breakfast at Stella's before our mini longdrive to the Geodome.

Okay, I lied. There were a couple things that we were expecting; 1) It was off-grid and in the middle of nowhere, and 2) that it would be a lot colder inside the dome so we planned and dressed accordingly. We we're extremely wrong. Although it was off-grid with absolutely no electricity or running water, we assumed it was secluded and in the middle of nowhere. However, the dome was easy to find and it was very close to the main highway. I appreciated the tall tree's surrounding it though, so although we were close to the main highway, it did feel off-grid. The natural sunlight that surrounded the whole dome created a heat wave the minute we entered, not to mention that the host started the fire inside the dome for us an hour before we arrived - We were all stripping and sweating 5 minutes in, I swear! I made the mistake of bringing literally 2 pairs of sweatpants, 1 t-shirt that I was already wearing, and 1 sweater... Let's just say, I was not prepared for the heat! But that didn't stop us from basking in the beauty of the actual dome.

The bnb hosts definitely submerged their efforts in the interior design of the place. Although it was small, it still fit 4 people comfortably, honestly even 5 would have been fine. The knick-knacks on the walls, the colorful mugs, the comfy beds, it was definitely Instagram worthy. The geodome takes 30% less energy to heat or cool them, so thankfully, they had huge blinds to cover the heat rays which we had half covered for a couple hours and we paced the amount of wood we would put into the firepit without completly putting it out. Within the next few hours, we were all sitting there comfortably and finally had the rest of the day to enjoy, unwind, and detox from the craziness we left back home.

There was a few short hiking paths that they suggested in our welcome package. So we set foot, a bit tipsy I might add, and walked down the path. Breathing in the beautiful, cold, crisp air. Walking in silence and taking it all in. I didn't realize how much I needed to be in nature, just surrounded by silence, and what better way of doing that than with my best friends.

Other than that, we had plenty of laugh attacks playing board games, we had the chance to talk about random things we don't typically talk about, and we got to be @cookformecharlie's taste testers which was my all time favorite thing. He is an amazing cook and I am honestly so grateful to have friends that aren't picky eaters but can enjoy literally all the vegetarian recipes Charlie makes for us. I swear, it's what brings us closer together, if that's even possible!

All in all, the Geodome was definitely an experience. From not knowing how to properly use the composting toilet to trying to understand how the pump focet works - it completely grounded us and I can say with 100% honesty that I appreciate running water and a flushing toilet more than I naturally would. You tend to forget the accessibility and how easy things are to us nowadays. Having spent 24 hours in the Geodome, I feel more refreshed, more in tune with my thoughts, and definitely happier to have spent that time with some of my loved ones.

If you haven't yet experienced a geodome, I urge you to try it out! Especially for those that don't like to go camping but would like to experience something similar.

For those that live in Manitoba - Click here to see the Geodome we rented through Airbnb!

I'd love to hear your experience trying out a Geodome for the first time!

Here are a few more photos we took:

Until next time.

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