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What a year.

In 2022, I learned about the NFT space, moved into our new home, watched my first CFL and NBA game, traveled to New York, Calgary, and Minneapolis, had several backyard parties, went boating, and reconnected with old friends. It was a year filled with many waves of firsts - It tested my patience and my willingness to go on even with all the beautiful emotions of moments I was able to witness… I was able to witness my cousin say Yes to her dress, I witnessed my bestfriend, Pikey, walk down the aisle on a hot yet beautiful summery day, and I witnessed my cousin, Erin, say I do to her bestfriend with all of her closest family and friends cheering for them as they walked down St Peters church’s aisle. Only later to witness us lay her to rest a month later as we said our goodbyes in the same church. The year was filled with so much potential, so many opportunities taken to experience a full and amazing life. I was taught so much about the importance of being present which is something I want to push forward into 2023.

I was hoping to check what goals I actually accomplished this year even with all the setbacks but it’s actually quite funny… I made the same damn mistake of writing my goals on a piece of paper and then of course - I lost it. I was so mad at myself because I really wanted this past year to be different but I know I didn’t hold myself accountable, it had to be sometime in March of last year because of our move where I left myself in the transition and I admit, I was not mentally prepared. Regardless of whatever was on the list, I didn’t try hard enough and I know that — 100%.

That being said, if there’s anything that this past year has taught me, it’s to continue living my life and to take things day by day. I still managed to set goals for myself and make some New Year resolutions because I swear, I cannot go into this year with the same mindset that things will be like the last 3 years (complete chaos). I finally decided to start journaling again in which I wrote down more realistic and shorter goals to achieve:

  1. Live a Healthier Lifestyle

  2. Work on Myself and Make Time for Myself

  3. Learn something new and try new things

  4. Be financially stable and continue to lower debt with intention

  5. Value happiness and acknowledge gratitude when it’s present

I want to do my best in staying consistent. I highly recommend to write down your goals and refer back to it at least once a month, sit with your emotions, acknowledge that it won’t be easy and that within these goals comes a lot of accountability, a lot of personal changes, a lot of mental and emotional strength - even with several set backs. I just hope this year I can make it past March with the same intentions. So here’s me holding myself accountable and (I was going to say ‘hopefully’) I WILL put out a new post with an update!

Here’s to 2023. Please be good to us!

Until next time.


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