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Updated: Nov 4, 2022

This has got to be one of the hardest things to write.

We just saw you the Tuesday before and joked around about how you scared us when you were first admitted into the hospital. We talked about your wedding, what you could remember, talked about TV shows, movies, things you guys have been doing to keep busy in the hospital. You kept telling us how bored you were and how excited you were to go outside and be with Levi. We had that in common, we loved our dogs as if they were our own babies. It must have been tough for you going 3 weeks without seeing him. Before we left, we agreed we would come visit over the weekend but you kept insisting the next time we do, it'll be at your place and we're going to celebrate. We had the highest hope. We knew you were strong and you will get through this difficult and lengthy recovery.

It feels so surreal. It's unimaginable that we have to continue living our lives now without you in it. I want to wake up from this nightmare and just see you smile and hear your contagious laugh again. Ate Erin, you never stopped expressing your love, your genuine excitement when one of us would reach a milestone never goes unnoticed. You were always so humble and so full of grace. You continued to amaze us especially with your passion for film and the goals you reached doing what you loved. You walked on this earth and touched so many of our lives. I close my eyes and I reminisce our time together. I see you there and I can feel your presence. I adore you as many of us have. We were supposed to grow old and grey together and now we're here all of a sudden without you.

We shared all of our photos and videos with you for all of us to look back at. Seeing all of the fun times spent with you. All of your crazy ideas, your quirky comments, and your laughter. Our hearts feel full for a minute longer, holding our breath that these moments stay engraved in our mind forever.

I wake up everyday wishing this was a bad dream and then shortly realize I'm stuck in this horrible reality with no exit to this pain. You took a piece of our hearts with you and although all of us sit in silence as we take this time to grieve, I know you'll want us to keep going and support each other as we continue our lives without you. We will make sure to take in those moments when we're all together, laughing at old photos and videos with you, we promise to make more memories and live everyday with gratitude. You have been a staple in our lives, our rock, one that kept our families together. We love you, more than you know.

Elfren and Levi will be okay and we promise to take care and support them through this difficult time.

We'll see each other soon but goodbye for now. You were never an only child, you were a sister to us all. You will be forever missed but never forgotten.

Love you always,


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