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A Little Can Go A Long Way.

As I was sitting in my non-reclining, squishy, and honestly, a little smelly seat on the way home from 'home', I had an epiphany. I filled my mind with inspiration where finally... I felt like writing again.

Maybe it was from all the questions I received from Ronnie's family or the conscious effort I'm seeing from everyone during the time we were there. Whatever it was, it made me realize that every little bit of doing something is better than doing nothing. The more I pursued the my actions on everything (being vegetarian, refusing, reducing, and reusing) the more considerate and educated my family and friends would be. And since we only see R's family every-so-often where we aren't able to tell them right from wrong when it comes to recyclables or compost, I still notice the conscious effort in them which was ultimately my end goal.

I contemplated back in January that in June I'd go back to eating meat, if not pork, beef, or chicken, I would at least go back to seafood. It dawned on me that my 6-month vegetarianism plan was up and by now I would be able to splurge on the 'meat' I neglected... But I just haven't had the urge "go back". The one and only thing I noticed since January, and was confirmed over the course of this week, was that I wouldn't be able to completely get rid of meat whether I wanted it or not. My ethnic background just doesn't allow me too, and I have to be okay with that. I'm am fortunate enough to have R who is very understanding in the matter and he continuously supports me through and through. The whole week he found ways to provide alternatives - We went grocery shopping, he would pick out the chicken from the filipino dishes his mom would make, and he always made sure I wasn't left starving the whole day. During our time in Calgary, we were able to make food for everyone and have them try plant-based foods they never even knew existed! It was great!

They were caught off guard. They said they liked it!
Trying out plant-based burgers for the first time

I was asked a few questions during that time as well, specifically from R's older brother. I don't know if he was genuinely interested or he just wanted to know what my motives were. Whatever it was, I was eager to explain.

So here are my answers!

1. Why did I go vegetarian?

The goal back in January was to prove to myself that I could do it. I wanted to explore my options to see if I would ultimately feel better both mentally and physically. At first, it was for the fun of trying something new. Then I did more research - As I learned more about how humans kill these poor innocent animals, the easier it was to never go back. I have a lot of love for animals as you can see. But I also realized the crucial impact it makes on earth. The amount of water, energy, and gas it takes to make a single beef patty baffled me. How on earth are we not educated on this considering the massive climate change? Unbelievable!

2. What can I and cannot eat?

When people think Vegetarian, they think just cow, pork, lamb... Any land animals. But it also means fish. If they have to kill it, I won't eat it. I am still in the process of finding alternatives with eggs but that's the only 'animal' I'll still eat. Little did I know, there's an actual name for it: Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian. Cool right? I'll still eat eggs and I'll still consume dairy products which means I'm an Ovo-Lacto (lol). Then eventually when I go back to eating seafood I'll be some other weird vegetarian name which I haven't figured out yet - Pesca-Ovo-Lacto? But anyways, I'm getting off topic. Let's just say: My ultimate goal is to never eat land animals, ever. again!!!! And yes, Vin.. I can eat watermelon and french fries! L.O.L.

3. How does it help?

Physically, I feel better when I don't eat it. I don't have that gross full feeling and I am never really tired/lethargic anymore. I also found that it helped with my digestive system where I am on the can a lot more than I was before! (haha!) It not only helps me but it helps others realize there are other options out there and it doesn't always have to be meat.

It also helps the environment a ton. But you know about that stuff now, right? If not, I'd recommend to take a look at our 's instagram page. There you can DM us with questions where Jeni (the expert) can help you out! Give that a follow and say hey!

Overall, I'm glad I'm seeing some change. The refusal of straws, the compost, the reusable bags, and now the interest in meat alternatives. Eventually, everything adds up and like I've said time and time again, a little can go a long way. If not now, then when?


I also wanted to share a place that we found when we went to Calgary the first time with Marco, Jeni, and Ron. It's called SaVeg, and oh my God, it is the best! When R and I went back we had to stop there again. They have a lot of options you can try and the best thing about it is that it is all Vegan and you can't even tell! I literally crave their Vegan "Tuna" Poke bowl and their dumplings all the time now! I can't wait to go back!

If you do have any questions, feel free to send me a message. If you want to give me some tips or any great recipes I should try, send it my way!

Until next time!


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