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Adventures to Wisconsin Dells

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

I told myself last year that this summer I'd finally go on an adventure! I didn't want to spend my whole summer at home working so the minute I found out that our cousins were planning our uncle's 70th Birthday out in Wisconsin Dells, we booked work off, packed our stuff, and made a "SIBS TRIP" out of it! Although Wisconsin Dells wasn't the ideal place (I wanted to go somewhere tropical), it was still a vacation worth while!

We long drove early Thursday morning to head over to Minneapolis where our cousin's live. There we spent majority of our time going to well-known outlet malls such as: Albertville Outlet Mall, Medford Outlet Centre, and Eagan Outlet. Hitting up the best discounted stores like Nike, Lululemon, and Pac Sun! Each of us decided to only bring roughly $200USD each was a joke in itself. By the end of it, both of them had their Visa's out!

For those that haven't been to Minneapolis or Wisconsin Dells for that matter. There are many places you should definitely see. We don't normally plan for the shopping, if anything it's the food we're really there for.

So here are Three restaurants/café's I'd recommend you try while you're out there:

1. Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

Now this was the first time I actually tried Jimmy John's. My sister swears by it! I, on the other hand thought it was just a higher class Subway. When I finally tried it, I noticed a couple things: 1. They literally have the fastest service and they are well-known for it - We got our sandwiches before we even finished paying for our food. It was ridiculously fast! And 2. Although the service was super efficient, it wasn't like the sandwiches were messy or anything. It was still properly made and the veggies and meat were fresh, literally everything about the sandwich was delicious!

2. Panera Bread Café

For those carb-loving people out there. This is the place for you! They obviously have various types of bread and all sorts of selection to go with it. We went in the morning so I was able to try their Avocado Egg-White and Spinach Sandwich. I switched the Egg-Whites to an Over-Easy egg and it was so good! They also have nutritional meals to start your day so it's a great place to get your healthy choices in (plus the carbs!). They also show your calorie intake depending on what you decide to eat. I love that!

3. Buffalo Phil's (Wisconsin Dells)

While we were waiting to ride HADES ROLLERCOASTER, we were trying to decide where we should eat. A man in front overheard us and suggested we try Buffalo Phil's. He mentioned that they have everything; Roasted Chicken, Fish, Pub Food, Cheese Curds... I mean everything. So we took his suggestion and had our last family meal there after our day in the Dells. Although the service was a little on the low side, I had a great time and the food was "LIT!" They also served our drinks and a few appetizers through a train that stopped directly at our table. Which we didn't understand at first and spilled a few drinks finally realizing that the train would stop in front of us. But other than that, it was a great experience. Deep Fried Cheese Curds? You can't go wrong with that!

There are many places I've tried being out in the states, especially in Minneapolis. They have a really great All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurant like Kyoto Sushi (2841 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408) that I've tried multiple times. And you can never go wrong with the deals they always have at McDonalds (If you're on a budget). 4 McChickens, 2 McDoubles, 2 Cheese Burgers, Large Fries, and a Large Drink for $13.00? C'mon, that's a steal!

Anyway, enough about food. Here are a few more pictures on our trip! Don't forget to try these places out - You will not be disappointed!


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