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Another Year around the Sun

And just like that... I'm 31.

As I reflect on this past year, for some reason, I'm being reminded about how valuable time is. When I turned 30, I felt as though I had this weird mid-life crisis. Was I at a good spot in my life? Did I gain healthier relationships? Was I everything I hoped I would be when I reached this age? It was hard to truly grasp the idea of being 30. Now here I am, a whole year after noticing that although time moved quickly, I remained the same.

I think this year was one of the hardest for me mentally. I've written about it in my past posts. I struggled a lot with what I wanted in a career, I learned that I have social anxiety, I had set goals for what I wanted in a relationship only to find myself coasting, I've lost myself - gained weight, hated myself for it., and I haven't been keeping my finances in order. Like I said, it's been tough.

I know that I refrain from speaking the full truth on my blog because social media plays a big part in presenting only the good parts of our lives. And although I've been pretty good at sharing what helps me get through certain obstacles in life, I don't typically go into too much detail on the reasons behind those shared tips. Since I'm 31 now I want to share 31 things that I learned, I've lost, and overcome. So here it goes:

  1. I see my longest and most loyal friend once a month at most and there's nothing wrong about that.

  2. My parents were also learning how to take care of me while I was growing up. Give them room to make mistakes too.

  3. I wanted to go into theater/drama growing up but it wasn't a "cool" thing back then so I never did it. Word of advice: TRY NEW THINGS even if it's weird or out of the norm.

  4. I still keep some written notes from friends back in middle school. It was our way of communicating.

  5. I had a first love and it's not who many people may think.

  6. I am the worst cook ever.

  7. My sister is my best friend. I have my mom to thank for making me take her everytime I went out when we were younger.

  8. I graduated in french immersion and even went to university for 2 years in french, only to forget everything. I recommend practicing your 2nd language as much as you can.

  9. Stand up for what you're worth. No one else will do it for you. I learned this the hard way.

  10. I was deathly afraid of dogs until I met Putz

  11. I've always been afraid of what people thought of me and that truly never went away

  12. I remember what Ronnie was wearing when I thought to myself " man, I love this guy"

  13. I had my first alcoholic drink when I was 13 with my mom because she said it cured cramps

  14. I like to have fun and socialize but need to take at least 2 days to recharge to feel like myself again

  15. I was a bully growing up and it's my least favorite "memory" people have of me.

  16. I went home super high once in highschool and my dad totally knew but didn't say anything.

  17. I wanted to start my blog after I watched "the perfect man" starring Hilary Duff

  18. I cry everytime I watch P.S I love you which I watch at least once a year since 2007

  19. I have the worst period cramps and have to take actual "sick days" because of how sick I feel

  20. Less than a year living in Calgary, I found a friend and mentor who helped me grow confidence and guided me to be a better version of myself. She unfortunately passed away a year later. I was heart broken and grieved for a long time. I still think about her to this day.

  21. I've lost friendships and every now and then I intend to message a couple of them only to find myself deleting my message because I'm afraid of being rejected by them

  22. I started working when I turned 16 because I wanted to move out by the age of 18. Didn't work out that way, but moved out at the age of 23.

  23. I wish I was taught how to invest to make my money grow at a young age. Instead I was taught to work hard and put my money into an rrsp.

  24. Taking criticism is my biggest weakness even if it's positive.

  25. I experienced for a little while how it felt to be debt free at the age of 23 right before we moved to Calgary.

  26. I like to rearrange and declutter my office or a room in the house every few months. It helps with my stress.

  27. One of my best decisions I've made is going pescetarian

  28. I love too hard and I care too much which ultimately breaks me at the end.

  29. I am convinced I won't live long which is why I beat myself up if I don't wake up early enough or if I'm not productive

  30. I love the life that I have with all the good and the bad and wouldn't have it any other way.

  31. I still have so much to learn, things I still want to accomplish, experience, and see.

It's amazing to see how much I actually had gone through in this lifetime. Having to limit myself to only 31 facts was an eye opener and it definitely shows a glimpse of who I am and what I find important in my life that I felt I needed to share. The end result to this is that although I am going through a difficult time right now, I am still 100% content with where I am and with who I've become. I'll have to read this post a decade from now and see how much has changed. But for now, I'll continue to live presently and enjoy every minute of it with people who matter most.

Until next time


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