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Birthday Gifts

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Today is one special day.

It's Ronnie's Birthday! -- For those who don't know him, he is my partner in crime, my best-friend, and the love of my life! I've been on the verge this whole morning trying to find the PERFECT gift. And although I am here blogging about it, you have already assumed that I have found nothing. And, you're right, I have diddley-squat! I've tried to listen to him bumble on about things he wish he had to grow his brand (link). Things like photoshop files to create rough drafts. You know, fun things like that. But I was hoping to surprise him with something that he wasn't expecting. And yet, I've come empty handed.

I'm going to tell you right now that if you think guys like getting DIY gifts, things like hand-made coupons, a book filled with collages of your face, or picture frames with L-O-V-E tapered across your photo. You are absolutely wrong. I mean, I'm sure they appreciate it, and if they did truly care about you, they would even post corny things online saying how thoughtful you are and how much they love it. But deep down, guys only want things they either need, can wear, or can use. And realistically, why wouldn't you want to just grab something he would truly be happy with, right? So ladies, do yourself a favour, and really listen to your man. Because trust me, he's giving you hints just like how you hint him to buy certain things for your special day. Ironically, as I manage this blog and talk about what you should or shouldn't be giving as gifts, I am still empty fricken handed. GREAT!

At this point, I might just have to ask him what he wants. Aren't I the best girl-friend ever?

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