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Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Ever since my best friend invited me to read to her class for I Love to Read Month, I thought it be cool to share 3 of my favourite books that I've read thus far.

Although I find it harder and harder to find time to sit and read, I find it completely necessary to get lost in an adventure of a book. One that develops another type of reality or one that give people hope. A story can spark an imagination that no other can.

It was hard for me to decide on just three, but I didn't want to go further knowing I would just bore you... So here it is!

1. The Glass Castle

I actually had to read this book in my English class. It was the first time I was so interested in reading something a teacher required you read! This memoire is about Jeanette and her life growing up, words I can explain... Insane! Her life with her family, the false hope from her father, and her journey towards her independent lifestyle could not have been any more realistic through her memoire. It's truly amazing when you read on authors who have experienced such a world where they can write it down with immense detail, and know that regardless of the decisions made from their roots, they made something of themselves. The book is an easy read and highly recommended. I was not able to put the book down!

2. Failing Forward

After I met my amazing mentors through Amway, they insisted that Ron and I read books that help motivate us. The goal was to find books that would help change our lifestyle and the way we perceived our life choices. We read so many books together and found that Failing Forward was by far the eye opener for the both of us. I learned so many things that I see myself consciously doing in my daily life now, whether it's from a relationship, working out, or through my daily 9 to 5. What we take as failure should always be used to push ourselves into something greater. I recommend this to anyone feeling like their in a rut or finding it hard to find motivation due to so many downfalls. You have to be open to suggestions and truly grasp the concept as to why there is such a thing as failure. So take it upon yourself to take advice from reading books such as this one!

3. The Storyteller

Jodi Picoult is by far my favourite author. I swear all of her books are amazingly written! Out of all of them however, I would say The Storyteller is my all time fave. The thing about her books is that she has the perspective of each character in the story. For this particular book, she takes us through a full timeline, one from this century and one from World War 2. Seemingly enough, we see how they collide at the end (which happens a lot in her books). I don't want to ruin it for you so you'll have to read it for yourself! A lot of what she writes keeps readers on their toes. It's amazing how well written and imaginative Jodi is, I swear you won't be disappointed!

Anyway, those are my three favourite books that I wanted to share. Send me a message and give me suggestions on what books I should read next! Until next time.

Happy I Love to Read Month, everyone!

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