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Dog Meat? WTF

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Alright guys. I finally brought up some inner strength to talk about an international problem that has been happening for years. It being that time of year again that the meat markets in Asia start to pull in dogs from all over the place, whether it be strays or from people's homes to prepare for their annual Dog Meat Festival (Yes... it's a thing).

For many years, dogs have been physically abused, boiled, hung, and beaten to death for the comfort of feeding humans all over Asia. It's been an on-going petition from many organizations to help protect these animals and to finally put a STOP to these festivals. We have many activists facing life threatening situations just to save roughly 10-20 dogs at a time. As I learned more about what has been going on in these festivals, I learned that these dogs aren't just getting killed but are being abused in barbaric methods because of a cultural belief that their meat will taste better after the dog has gone through immense adrenaline, hence the reason why they abuse them in such torturous ways.

I had put a lot of thought into whether I should share videos of what I've seen to-date regarding past festivals. But, after I watched these videos, the horror had carried on in my mind for weeks. I watched one video - ONE, and couldn't sleep for numerous nights just thinking about how much I wish I could do something about it. I won't show those video's on here. The reason why is because I want those who are reading to be curious on their own, and by doing that, you can research what actually happens in these festivals for yourselves. But I do want to provide several websites of organizations that have been focusing solely on the Dog Meat Trades. This will give you guys a portal to their donation links and learn more about what their doing to put a stop to these festivals.

One person I became super fond of is Marc Ching. He's the founder of the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation. Who had started a non-profit organization solely for rescuing abused and neglected animals. He personally goes to these festivals undercover to get footages of what they do to these animals to expose them, while he seeks to purchase several animals to "exterminate" himself in order to save them. Please take a look at their website along with The Humane Society International on how YOU can help. A couple dollars a month can go a long way! - If you can afford a coffee, you can afford to donate!

Upon reading several articles on this cause, I devoted myself to make an impact by using this as a platform to create change. And although there aren't a million of you reading this, I know I can still target at least 10 of you to check out what you don't know. Don't forget that this has been going on for years with millions of dogs brutally killed just for OUR own kind to feast on their meat. Dogs are Family - They are not food. They love, they care, and they are each unique just like us. It's 2018, and it's about damn time we put a stop to this ridiculous trade.


*Professional photos taken off google from the Dog Meat Trades in Korea & China*

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