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Dog Mom | Part 2

I know, I know. You think I'm crazy for owning 3 dogs. And if you didn't know that, now you do! The craziness that goes on in my household is beyond me, and I wouldn't have it any other way! My part 2 is about my lovely baby Wiz. You're probably asking why we named him, Wiz, right? As much as I would like to tell you, I can't. Because I forgot, and regardless, it stuck! He is my French Bulldog x Boston Terrier brindled baby boy. The one that has big popping-out looking eyes, a bigger heart, and the biggest of the 3. Here's the story on how we met and brought home, Wiz!

Wiz is now 5 years old, born August 8, 2012. He may look terrifying to people who first meet him, but he's actually the most playful, loveable, and most obedient of the big 3. Wiz loves to sleep, cuddle, and stay warm between your legs. How we met him is an adventure in itself. My boyfriend at the time always wanted to get a dog we could call ours, and during that same time my cousin actually was searching for one as well. He found a new litre in Cartwright, Manitoba that had posted an add on kijiji with about 7-8 new puppies ready to be bought and picked up. My cousin went ahead to check them out about a week prior to letting us know about them. He came back and told us he had put a deposit on one of the dogs who we now call, Lloyd Banks. As soon as we heard about it, we e-mailed the breeder and asked if we could set a time to make a trip out there to check out the new puppies. We found a Saturday that worked with our schedule, drove two and half hours onto a long dirt road, and into a farm called Chikadee Valley Farm. We met all the nice people that lived there who also showed us Wiz' mom and dad, then finally we got to meet the puppies!

Wiz was the runt of the litre. He's black brindled with white in the middle of his face down towards his stomach and legs. He has a bit of brown hairs that wave all over his fur and although he wasn't our first choice (Lloyd was the one we wanted), he obviously was cute enough to catch my eye. We made sure we had enough money for a deposit in case we knew right away which one we wanted especially because the drive to this farm was no joke. And before we knew it, I made the overall decision that Wiz was the one I wanted. Basically what happened next was we gave our money, drove home, discussed/argued that whole day, then finally came to an agreement that Wiz was going to be this puppy's new name.

The breeder had to make sure that the puppies were all up-to-date with shots and deworming, and had made arrangements that he would be bringing them into Winnipeg on a day that was convenient. So we planned that day to grab him after work - Wiz was picked up from the Superstore parking lot on Grant Avenue and was brought straight to my dad's. I got off work, went straight home, and there he was. As tiny as the tin bowl we purchased along with toys, a bed, and food.

He grew up on Campbell Street with Putz and the 4 of us. He was so energetic and playful, I couldn't believe how easy it was to amuse him with toys Putz never cared for. And the best thing about it was that Putz and Wiz got along fine. Being able to properly train Wiz however, was polar opposite. It was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do (at the time). He hated sleeping on his own bed which was probably the hardest part because in the middle of the night he would just cry for hours until we would cave and let him sleep on our bed along with Putz. I should add that my bed was only a double, and a double could barely fit 2 people. I mean, imagine 2 bodies and 2 dogs - It was awful. We learned a lot raising Wiz. Especially because he's a different breed than Putz, we found that Wiz definitely needed more attention than what we had initially thought prior to getting him. He showed his excitement and energy all throughout the day and by night he would just cry for attention. As months went by it actually felt as though we were raising a child. It was crazy!

There's so many things that come into play when you purchase a dog with another person. Especially one that is no longer in the picture. And I know that most of you who has never owned a dog, wouldn't be able to relate to what I'm saying, and if anything you probably think it's ridiculous how we treat them like babies or children. But with all honesty, they need the same affection, the same love, and definitely the same attention as a toddler would. But I won't go too into depth about it just yet.

Stay tuned on Wiz's major surgeries, how I had to cope with sharing him for a while, and all the difficulties dog owners go through without preparation! Thanks for reading!

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