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Dog Mom | Part 3

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Okay, so it's finally time to tell our story about how we met our last fur baby, Enzo.

Now my plan was never to have more than obviously, two dogs, but because Ronnie was so persistent in convincing me that Wiz needed someone he could play with, I considered that three wouldn't be too hard. And of course, I was wrong. It was about the same time last year when we starting searching online if there were any breeders close by. We already knew we wanted to own another bulldog but never had much luck on finding anything. The thing is, I was okay and a little relieved we didn't find anything during that time. Ron and I were close to the end of our lease, we were on the verge of trying to find a new place to live, and we were also in a business which ultimately meant that majority of our income was going into debt we accumulated because of it. I also thought if we were going to look for a new dog, we should try and adopt. But there wasn't much luck towards that with finding a dog that I thought personally would get along with the ones we already had.

It was around Christmas Holidays where Ronnie had shown me a listing on Kijiji of a girl that didn't live too far from us who had a new litre of newborn fawn french bulldogs. Her family lived on a farm just outside of Calgary and they transport the dogs to her condo where she takes care of them while those interested get to book appointments with her to check the pups out. So we booked a time to check them out.

We were already interested in one of the pups from the pictures we saw online. So when we got to the condo, our intention was to look at the one we wanted but there was Enzo, with the rest of his brothers and sisters, with those big ears, and curious of a look on his face. He just stood out from the rest of them and just like Putz and Wiz, we just knew.

We didn't put down a deposit there and then because unlike the other two times, we had priorities and what people call an adult life to tend too. It wasn't until after a week or so of fully planning out how much money we had and whether it was the right thing for us, we made the call and put down a deposit.

January 2, 2017 we picked up Enzo along with the crate, some toys, a bag of food, and a few instructions. Although there's more to the story about how the dogs reacted when we brought him home, to him going through deworming, or his first step into our cold winter. I probably should re-track my steps and talk more about Putz!

So stay tuned!

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