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First Step!

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Did you know...

1. Plastic bags take over 1000 years to decompose in the environment

2. Fast fashion is ruining the world. It is the 2nd most polluting industry, and the 2nd largest consumer of water.

3. In the U.S. alone - Americans use enough straws to fill 125 school busses EVERY day.

4. Over 10,000 dogs are beaten, skinned, or boiled alive every year at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

5. An estimated 30 million dogs are killed and consumed by humans across Asia where they are violently force-fed with a tube down the throat in order to boost their weight before being sent to slaughter.


These are only a few things that I learned over the past couple of months. And I find it amazing how informed we all are, yet majority of us do nothing to change. We're surrounded by facts all over social media: Videos of animals being abused for their fur, ocean beaches being closed due to tourists, and changes of our earth from climate change. Seriously! How did we let it get this far?

As I started to do my research on ways I could help, I beat myself up for weeks for thinking that I wasn't doing enough. I hated the fact that I contributed to the pollution and cared less with what I was given. It was up until just recently that I learned it wasn't whether I was doing enough but whether I was doing anything about it at all. Taking the initiative to make better choices is the first step, and making those little changes here and there will add up one way or another. One (or two, to include Ron) less person needing a plastic bag or a straw, and one extra person speaking out to create awareness for the animals in need. I no longer feel sorry for myself for not doing anything sooner because I am doing something about it now. And here's how:

Our first step:

I am fairly new to changing my lifestyle (reducing the amount of waste into landfills), so I've asked someone whose well educated and has been informing many people over social media (check out her IG page here) on ways to reduce unnecessary garbage, particularly plastic. My sister recently moved into an apartment with her boyfriend and has been working on living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle... Here are just a few things so far that she's managed to change:

Reusable essentials to help reduce plastic

It wasn't long after she started doing this that I became more aware of what I was using myself. And honestly, it doesn't take much effort. So far, she's completely eliminated the use of plastic grocery bags and produce bags. She reuses pasta jars to use as extra cups or storage, and rather than using plastic cutlery or straws when she out, she uses her stainless steel straws and/or the bamboo cutlery. These are only a few things that I'll mention for now. If you want to know anything else before I post another blog regarding these essentials, please don't hesitate to ask me or my sister!

So please read over the facts, learn and educate yourself on the changes happening around you, and even if you don't plan on living a "sustainable" lifestyle, or have the courage to look at the footages of dogs being brutally abused, you can still take that one step for generations to come. Encourage each other, share those videos, and make the conscious effort to improve on making better choices for the environment.

ps. I would like to inform you that the extra facts regarding the issues happening internationally (Yulin Dog meat Festival) will be posted soon enough. It has been difficult watching these videos which is why it will take me more time to blog about it.


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