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Goodbye 2023

Updated: Jan 1

Although I only had 7 posts including this one in 2023, a lot has happened:

My Ava darling turned 7 in January,

I lost my bestfriend in February,

We went off grid to grieve in March,

We celebrated our bestfriend Cash and his fiancé's wedding social in April,

We hosted our first typing test tournament in May,

My cousin, Mher and Colin, got married in Canmore in June,

We long drove to Minneapolis and the guys won the tournament in July,

We also celebrated our friendsaversary and Jey's 30th in July,

We went camping, had beer olympics, and celebrated Cash & Jo's wedding in August,

Ron and I went to BC, saw Ed Sheeran, and I left as a fiancé in September,

We had a lot to be thankful for and dressed up in costume in October,

My girlfriends and I travelled to Toronto for a weekend getaway in November,

We also attended our friend Leo and Alyssa's Wedding in November,

We had several Christmas sleepovers, I quit my job, and spent the rest of the year in the comfort of our friends and family in December.

I've reflected enough to know that although we lost many loved ones this year, we also had a lot of happiness and I can't be anymore thankful for those that continued to support us through such a difficult year. I was able to sneak in a 2023 recap montage that you can watch here.

This year has definitely been one with friends though. I continue to say the same thing and by now I'm sure I sound like a broken record. To this day, I still can't fathom the fact that we lost someone so important to us and so soon. So I understand how sappy I can sound but that I've truly recognized how big of a support system we have, and not only that - We were able to provide the same comfort and support to those that didn't have that chance to see Jey but also loved him just as much. It breaks my heart to know that we'll never see him again in this lifetime but that he had gifted us each other.

So... To Harold, Leo, and Joeff,

I would never have thought that I'd reconnect with you guys, nevermind be good friends with you. You guys have invited us into a friendship we never thought we needed until now. You guys remind me so much of him in even the smallest ways and it's quite funny to notice that when we're all together - It's almost as though he's there with us - Laughing at us, mostly. So I just wanted to say thank you. It has definitely been easier for me because of you guys. All of our pre-games, our random nights, slow mornings, activities, personal talks, fun facts, and honestly - just us getting to know each other. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us and I'm grateful to call you guys our close friends.


Anyway, this is for 2024.

I envision a year with more personal growth, building more friendships, finding more inner peace, trying new things, and unlearning others. I'd love to continue meditating, being outdoors, and to give my energy only to those that deserve it.

I wish only the best for my loved ones - To be healthy, wealthy, and to also find peace in a world filled with uncertainty.

With Love,


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