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Hello, Vancouver!

Back to our Adventures, hey Ron?

I feel like I'm still recovering from all of the crazy and fun things we did this past week in Vancouver, BC. I haven't been to Vancouver since I was a pre-teen and Ronnie has never been, so it was definitely a memorable one. All the walking, the adventures, the rotating taps of beer, and of course, all. The. Food!

The first thing that I noticed when we touched Vancouver was the beautifully aged trees, and a lot of them. Trees sprung everywhere, surrounding the residential areas and even the highways. It was like we were able to just breathe a lot better out there and the air seemed cleaner. We got picked up by Ron's brother, Jordan, and his girlfriend, Laurice. They recently got a place out in Van because Jordan is moving for his work. So it was all perfect timing. L would point out the window and explain a little bit about what area we were in and all the cool things we can do in the city. She has never lived in BC, but she definitely belongs there. It's like you could feel her excitement knowing in a few weeks, she would be calling Vancouver - Home.

With only 5 days out there, we jammed packed our daily itinerary. I swear, we only slept a total of 10 hours within the 5 days we were there. We'd wake up early to make sure we made it somewhere on time and we would be on the last train back before it shuts down for the night. I know now moving forward, if we plan a trip with both families, we MUST find a place relatively closer to each other because that sky train was not fun at the end of the trip. And it was just so hard to find a time to meet with both families because of the distance.

Nonetheless, we did our best and still somehow managed to spend time with everyone as we intended. It was nice to see everyone there and enjoying what Vancouver had to offer.

One thing that everyone would say to me before I left for this trip was how much I'll enjoy the food. Being Pescetarian, it wasn't very hard to find food alternatives. But having a sister who is vegetarian, now that's a different story. I didn't realize how "Asian" oriented Vancouver was. A lot of hot pot, Korean bbq, ramen, and sushi places. A galore of Asian fusion foods that don't necessarily target vegetarians. So to say the least, it was actually pretty hard to find a restaurant that had both meat and non-meat options, and I felt like that was pretty disappointing.

But that didn't mean we couldn't find anything to eat. We just had to be creative and would search certain places, check out their menu, reviews, and make the decision to go. It was really nice of our family to find restaurants that had food options for us. And we scored a few great places...

Craft BEER Market did not disappoint on the BEER! It was my first time learning what rotating taps were and we just abused the hell out of it! $10 for a taste of 6 different local beers - You can't go wrong! And not only that, what you see in that photo is not a beef burger, that's an impossible burger, and yes, it was delicious!

We learned very quickly why OEB is Vince's favorite brunch restaurant. I have only gone to OEB once before this trip, and honestly, I have yet to try something I don't like. The restaurant is always just so vibrant with the cutest decor. They also have a variety of options on their menu so it's easier for us to try out different things. You know it's a place to be when the wait time is a one to two-hour wait (on a weekday).

Out of all the places we ate, this had to be my favorite. The Spicy Vegan Ramen was so good!! I was skeptical of it being "Vegan" but oh my God! I can't even begin to explain how tasty it was. I love Ramen, and I've tried a lot of "vegetarian" types to know that this is by far the best one. The service was quick, the restaurant was clean and super cute, and if you haven't yet tried this one already - Definitely try it out! I guarantee you'll love it too!

Other than the food - We explored. We heard about the Grouse Mountain Trail and traveled literally land and sea to get there. Everyone warned us about the hike, but we had to try it for ourselves only to get to the top and understand why everyone was telling us not to do it. It was death!! But, at least I can say I did it... And will never do it again. The Ultimate Stairmaster - Is true to its name.

We also went to Science World and saw all the fun science stuff, basically got to be kids for two hours with the other actual kids. Urijah seemed to have a blast. I could only imagine what it was like being his age and getting to experience Science World. It was super fun!

We got to experience a lot of things. We checked out Granville Island, went shopping in Metropolis Metrotown, tried Uncle Tetsu for the first time, and walked down Gastown.

But most importantly, we were able to celebrate John & Rhosan's 10 Year Wedding Anniversary. It was mainly the reason why we were out there, and it was worth all the dreaded walking, the consistent itinerary changes, and the massive hangovers I had endured during this trip. J & R have been my rock, they have listened to me countless times, have witnessed many forms of myself, they heard me when I was at my lowest point, have cried with me, laughed with me, and many of my fondest moments are with them. Being able to celebrate such a huge milestone with them beats anything this year, hands down. Thank you both for always including us in all of your adventures, for showing us the true meaning of family, and for proving that you guys can and will always be able to 'hang'. Love you both & Uri so much!

(This photo was taken about a week before our Vancouver Trip)

& that's about it.

Thank you Vancouver for yet another memory I will cherish forever.

Until next time.


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