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Hey, Thank You.

Initially, I wanted to have my blog as a tool to express myself because I know I wouldn't be able to say most of the things out loud that I've already talked about. I mentally prepared myself for the worst given that I didn't start my blog from scratch (like I said I wanted to do), I barely planned how I was going to promote my own site, or what I would talk about. All I knew was that I wanted to create existence of different aspects in my life that mattered to me. And although it meant resurfacing uneventful situations, it also meant telling a story that could one day mean something to someone else.

For those who don't know me. I'm somewhat, melodramatic. I do take a lot of what's given to me seriously, and I tend to blow it up in my mind (or to Ronnie) like it's a huge deal when it ain't. Even the smallest feedback or criticism can trigger my self-independence into an emotional disaster. So I guess you can say that what I'm doing is hypocritical in a way. I already know if I keep doing this, I will get nasty comments, but I also know that if I do keep going, I can express my non-sense drama all over for people to hear. And one day, maybe someone can relate!

All of what I just said is completely besides the point of this post. What I really wanted to talk about was although it's been my decision to start a YouTube channel and this blog (especially so late in the game). I would not have been able to do it without the support of 3 important people. My sister, my boyfriend, and my cousin. All of which I'm lucky enough to call my best-friends. They have been nothing but supportive with not only this kind of stuff, but my future plans, goals, dreams, and all that mushy stuff.

Your support system are usually the ones that don't get much credit. Although they're always there for you, they tend to be behind the scenes. They are the ones that stay up with you when you need to talk, the ones that uplift you on your worst days, and the ones that believe in you when you've lost hope. The sad thing is, there are some people out there that don't have these sort of people in their lives. And those that do, take them for granted. At some point in your life, after all the crap you've gone though, you'll stand there realizing that only certain people stay by your side. It doesn't matter whether that's by choice or by blood. Regardless of your situation whether they're relatives, friends, or colleagues, some will walk into your life and either stay to make a difference or leave to teach you a lesson.

My point here is that if you can name at least one person that knows you in and out or someone that you know you can't go more than 2 days without talking too. You found yourself your bestfriend. And I believe that once in a while, it's good to let them know that they are appreciated. So, Jeni (sister), Ronnie (boyfriend), and Carla (cousin), Thank you. I would not be where I am without your support. Needless to say, I'm blessed enough to know a few other people that regardless of my choices, they have stayed loyal to me and I couldn't have more respect for them than I already have. So guys, take time to say thank you to those who love you and every now and then, regardless of how busy you are, take the time to call or text them to see how they're doing. It's so important to create a relationship especially if you don't see them every day or in my case live in a different province.

I think that's all I really needed to say! Let me know what you think and comment about your best-friend and your stories, I'd love to hear it!

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