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Local T.O Adventures!

My cousin, Carla, moved to Toronto about two years ago now. It was her dream to move out there for as long as I could remember. She fell in love with the big city, the fast pace environment, everything it had to offer.

Carla set foot independently and has worked her way to become a great influencer in the hair and beauty industry. She not only sells and promotes hair products, but has worked hard to keep her store sustainably green by reducing waste, recycling majority of the products and hair that the salon produces, and educates her employees on many aspects around sustainability.

Since she has been inspired by the movement Jeni and I have been partaking in. We all set a goal to only eat at Local restaurants and café's, to check out local sustainable shops, and of course, to explore the city as a whole.

To our favour, we had one great tour guide that literally took us to all of the hotspots! So here are a few of our favourite local shops:


The minute you step into D Spot, you automatically feel happy. I kid you not, every detail in the café was set for Instagram photos. It's like you stepped into Candy World with chocolate bar walls, a huge upside down cake when you walk in, even framed photos of doughnuts dancing!

I wanted to try their Chicken Pesto Crepe with a Cesar salad, but due to my unfortunate luck, they were re-vamping their menu, one that no longer served crepes. So since they didn't have any crepes left, I ordered the Chicken Pesto Pizza! And yes, it was still a great second option!

Chicken pesto pizza, BBQ chicken poutine, and Nacho poutine
D Spot Savoury Dishes

There was no way we were leaving without dessert, so we took some to-go! I recommend you try the Strawberry Shortcake and the Hazelnut Cheesecake (with extra vanilla ice cream!). If we had more time, we would have gone for seconds!


Kravingz is located in Mississauga, Ontario. Another local restaurant that "serves more than just brunch!" The restaurant is small and cozy, and had all my favourite themed colours! There is a lot to choose from on their menu: Burgers, Sandwiches, Chicken and Waffles - They even have the classic Longonisa, eggs, and rice combo!

Since I was craving Eggs Benedict, I wanted to try their Flip Side Benny, but again with my luck, they were out of Hollandaise sauce - I couldn't believe it... That was 0/2 for me! So my second choice was The Flip Side, which consisted of two fried eggs, house made longonisa, and crunchy garlic rice. I was not disappointed!

Carla got the Chicken n' Waffles

Since Jeni wasn't so hungry when we got there, she got some Peace Love n' granola with a Bagel n' cream cheese.

3. Logan & Finley

Enough about the great local foods... Logan and Finley is a local eco-conscious general shop. They showcase ethically sourced and sustainable clothing, less waste solutions such as produce bags, bamboo toothbrushes, bee's wax food wraps, and much more! Here are some photo's I was able to capture in-store!

This local shop is definitely a place to check out while in Toronto. Purchasing from their store not only supports ethically sourced manufactures but helps the environment by reducing single-use products. Here are our finds!

I'm so glad Carla was able to take us to all of these local shops. We were able to experience Toronto and what it has to offer along with its busy streets, crazy nightlife, and most importantly, local businesses!

Here are more photo's on our trip:

Here are some links to majority of the places we were able to check out:

& that's a (bee's wax) wrap! (jk.)

Thank you, Carla - We miss you already!



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