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Lucky #7

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

So much for me posting a couple days after Noah's 7th Birthday! It's already been a week and I am just looking through the photos from my camera. Nonetheless, his 7th birthday had to be one that he could cherish forever, and by doing that, we had to work with what we got (especially during this time), so that when he's older, maybe he'll look back at this post and be able to reminisce of his one and only - Quarantine Birthday!

A few weeks prior to his big day, my mom planned that she would have us over for dinner. She stressed that Noah wasn't going to have a memorable birthday due to Covid. In our culture, a 7th birthday is a big deal. Noah is my mom's first grandchild and she only wished to throw him the best and biggest party. But, since we were only allowed 10 people in the household, it limited the amount of party-ing we could actually do. But, we did what we could and celebrated to the best of our capabilities!

A cool thing we did during his big day was Hydro-Dipping. Noah watches this family on Youtube who live this extravagant lifestyle. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they are known for game reviews which lead to doing vlogs, then now they just do fun things together like try new stuff that companies give them for free. I wish I was more interesting and wasn't so introverted to do things like that - Instead, I resorted to hiding behind a screen and let my thoughts run with my words. But that's besides the point! So, HYDRO-DIPPING!

Turns out Hydro-dipping is really simple. You need a big bucket, lukewarm water, spray paint, and something you wish to dip! Noah was so excited to dip his water bottle into the paint, I have never seen him so invested in doing an activity that it was definitely something I know I'll cherish forever.

If we were to do it again, I'd definitely get more variety of spray paint and I'd pre-prime the object we planned to dip. I felt like giving the mason jar time to set in primer made the colours stick a lot better. But it being our first time, I think we did pretty well!

Other than that, we brought our switch and played a lot of video games. Noah was able to try the game we bought while the adults cheered with some Jameson. We ate a lot of food, a lot of cake, and spent the night laughing and enjoying each others company. It's too bad no other kids were allowed to celebrate with Noah which makes me think it's time we grow our family, if you know what I'm saying! But regardless of the outcome, I think he had a great time, and I'm sure he did throughout the whole weekend as he celebrated with not only 2, but 4 families! The spot light was on him and we showered him with all the love a seven year old could possibly handle. Cheers, Happy Birthday Noah!!!


Dear Noah Beans,

Although it's taken us 7 years of your life to be where we are today, I am blessed to call you my nephew and have the relationship I have with you now. As you grow up, I know we'll only get closer and our friendship will become stronger. I can promise you that you will always find trust in me, you will always have a place to go too, and you'll never EVER be alone. You are one handsome, smart, and talented kid, and I hope your dance moves get better in time!

We love you so much and wish you another year of laughter, growth, and love from us - Your Monton family.

Love always,

Auntie Jonah



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