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Making a change

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

I've mentioned in a previous post that the intentions I had towards this blog was to attract readers that could relate to the same things that I have gone through. Later, I decided to explore and present certain hobbies of mine within the blog to capture the attention of those willing to read what I had to say, whether that be about hair products or past memories I've always wanted to share. On top of that, I planned on how I was going to add my "healthy" lifestyle and beauty hacks into the mix - Which became more demanding than simple.

Believe me, I was stumped. I dreaded thinking about my next post and was never motivated to write up on anything. It was up until a few days ago that I came across a blogger that posted something that really resonated with me. This blogger's name is Hang (check out her blog here.) Hang was made to blog. I envy her in so many ways but love every single thing she has to say. She is a lifestyle blogger who recently posted her road to becoming a full-time blogger, and in that post she spoke about her being criticized, rejected, and how she stayed self-motivated. But, it was the very last part of that post that really stood out for me, which was to find your medium and to be unique. All of which I should have been doing from the start.

Blogging is still fairly new to me. I do manage to put out content that I am interested in and want to share. But, I failed to do it on my own terms due to the gross habit of researching what other bloggers were posting. I've been obsessed with searching on how well these bloggers were doing, and what it was that interested others. Which ultimately frustrated me to the core because majority of the time it was about fashion, beauty, or food. All of which are NOT me.

I started categories that don't necessarily represent Jree, and to my disadvantage, my posts became someone else's style but my own, and I became bored. This brought me up to about a week ago when I vented everything I was feeling about this mindset I had to my sister, and God bless her soul, she brought me back to my own two feet. I was told to do exactly what Hang had said, be unique - to each their own. She told me that it's about time I start talking about things that I am truly passionate about even if it's not about make-up, being healthy, or displaying a lifestyle people should live up too. Trust me, I'm not any different - I have troubles and arguments, I have crazy thoughts, and I cry like every other day. Why read on my one great day (that I post) over the 6 other days of the week of being complete chaos? So, I have decided that moving forward I will start talking about OTHER things you may not know about me.


I plan on making a change and leaving a legacy behind me. I want to create that change by helping animal shelters, and in the future becoming a big part of their cause all around the world. I want to make enough money to pursue higher dreams and goals, to travel, donate, and to volunteer (without worrying about income). I plan on talking about the lifestyle I actually have, and the struggles R and I go through as a couple. I still plan on talking about our adventures, my reviews on hair products, and stories I'm approved to share. I hope you readers follow along the complete chaos and the changes that happen over the years. No more beauty hacks (I have none), and no more "healthy" lifestyle posts. It's time to use this as a portal for change whether people are interested in it or not.

So this is my first post back on track as I delete the ones that no longer need to be on my site. Are You Ready?

Thank you so much to those still open for change.

Thank you to those who naturally send good vibes and send kind words

And, Thank you for giving me a reason to keep going!


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