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Meet My Cousin, Carla (Q&A)

Around July of this year, when I found out that my cousin, Carla, wasn't going to be able to visit us in Winnipeg. I told her I wanted to do something worth remembering on my blog for her birthday. She had planned to come home and visit about 2-3 times now but unfortunately it just never worked out with everything going on.

So, instead of asking these questions in person (while eating sushi and having doing a Mukbang Vlog like I did on my Youtube channel), we had to resort to shared google docs! I had the intention of getting this done prior to her birthday which was in JULY, but she didn't answer these questions until now, lol. Thanks Carla!

For those that don't know Carla, she moved to Winnipeg Fresh. Off. The. Boat. Her family moved from the Philippines in 2005. Shortly after, we were introduced at a family party. From then on, we would try to invite Carla and her sister, Chi, to all our little gatherings. Whether that be hanging out at our cousins place to take webcam photos, go for a walk at Assiniboine park while eating Sargent Sundae ice cream, or for a Sunday cruise to that Korean store down Pembina, I think it was called Irbin? I could be wrong - It was a long time ago. It wasn't hard for her and I to connect since we had very similar taste in a lot of things. I found it easy to be around her, she had a sense of humour that made me laugh cry, we had our own weird lingo, and we loved the same type of music (T-SWIFT & SLOW JAMS BABY!). She would invite me to her friends parties early on in my teenage years then not long after, she was hanging around my friends. So yes, we'd see a lot of each other!

One thing I could take away from a family/friend-ship is loyalty. Not may people vouch for "family comes first". I used that mentality growing up that regardless of the situation or fight I was going through with Carla at the time, I knew we had to make things work - Because we were family. I don't necessarily believe in that saying as much as I did before but if both of us doubted that "family came first" early on in our teenage years, we definitely wouldn't be where we are today. Learning to grow with Carla by understanding each other and letting each other grow individually has been one of our biggest adversities. It wasn't all fun and games, it wasn't just friends here and there, it had a lot to do with who was going to be there for one another as we grew into adulthood. Loyalty can come from anyone that passes through. We learn, we grow, and we adapt. Staying loyal by supporting each other and being understanding with what we were going through in our personal lives had essentially saved our friendship more times than I can count. And I trust that it always will.

It wasn't long until she was considered one of my best friends. As the years past, we grew closer. We knew our deepest secrets, we cried, we laughed, we had sleepovers, and best of all - We were so close she'd cover me while I'd pee in the back alley because I couldn't hold it in while waiting in line to get into a bar! (LOL!) I loved the fact that we shared the same group of friends - It brought us together and made our friendship as strong as ever.

So that's my little schpiel about Carla Jayne. Hope you guys enjoy our Q&A. If you find this quite interesting, let me know and I'll definitely do more! I'd essentially want to target some local entrepreneurs, more friends and family, and those DREAMERS out there! So send me a message and say hey!


Q&A with Carla Jayne Ramos.

Q: What is one fondest memory you have of the two of us?

A: Listening to Taylor Swift Songs in your Lancer!!!!!!!! HAHA I just can never forget those days you were picking me up to go out or even when you guys pick me up after work at Safeway to go drink! HAHA

Q: What are 3 things you can take away from our relationship/friendship?


1) Patience; just the will of pushing through any obstacles and being patient for the good calm times to come.

2) Braveness; day by day we think about the things we are afraid to see, feel, hear or think but we wake up everyday bravely facing all of those and find ways to overcome it. I saw that before and more right now. <3

3) Loyalty/Family mindset; the ultimate importance of it, either you are blood or not.

Q: Three-part question:

1) Where do you live

2) What are the benefits of living away from home?

3) If you could name 1 thing - what reminds you of home?


1) I am currently living in Mississauga, Ontario.

2) Benefits... Freedom - LOL. More so the learning part of it all! From cleaning, fixing things, BUDGETING, time management, importance of living during downtimes! Ah, So grateful for my parents, forrreeeaaall!

3) The area I am currently living in! Reminds me sooo much of the Adsum/Mandalay area/houses!

It’s sooo crazy, I think about it everyday whenever I go for a walk outside, “Oh I will see Erin walking to ate jenny’s, or I will see jones’ lancer car parked by ate jenny’s - and I know the crew will be there”

Q: What does Carla’s typical day look like?

A: Since I am back to school and working I....

  • Wake up at 630am/730am

  • Making bombass breakfast sandwiches!

  • Make Coffee

  • Turn on TV for Global News

  • Finish Breakfast (1 to ½ hours later)

  • I started journaling/planning (40mins) (budget check/affirmations/bible reflections, msg fam jams)

  • I read for 25mins too (currently reading “The Design of Everyday things")

  • Take a shower, get ready

  • Work/School

  • School, I still get ready and I just sit and go through my materials and projects. trying to heavily practice things I have learned.

  • I take breaks here and there, go for a walk.

  • I mainly listen to music (Lo-fi)

  • I tried podcasts but i stopped as I figured I was focusing on to many different things. LOL

  • Work, Bus to work, usually read in the bus or just listen to Morning Jazz music - yes has to be MORNING JAZZ MUSIC only.

  • Lunch

  • Home/Dinner - usually have dinner ready - watch a show/movie

  • 10pm/1030pm - I go through my school materials again

  • 11:00pm - get ready for bed and things for tomorrow

  • 11:30pm - sleep time.

  • Sometimes I sleep earlier if I don’t have anything to go over for school.

  • Oh and yeah, chilling with Aiman in between HAHAHA ;)

Q: Where do you work? Do you love it or hate it? If you could do and/or be anything in the world, what would it be?

A: I currently work at Chatters Hair Beauty Salon as a Beauty Consultant as I decided to go back to school. 10 years of customer service, never a dull moment. I’ve always loved the concept of having the chance to help others feel good about themselves through their hair cares. Love getting to know people and really just going into work and the guests who come in just knows you already! HAHA Love that part the most!

I think customer service will always be part of me. Right now, with school, I am learning to be a User Experience Designer - again customer service base but a little bit more into the new trend on how many businesses are going into. What I like about this, is that I can be remote and can be anywhere in the world and still be able to practice my career in any way at any time!

Q: How did you meet your significant other? How are things going with him?

A: At the gym, Goodlife fitness in square one. He was checking me out, I was checking him out. LOL

No complaints - just a pure sense of bliss. (Aiman came into the room and read this part and said “Thaaat's itttt?!?!” LOL). But for real though… Words cannot express how much this guy makes me happy!

Q: Give 1 advice from what you’ve learned thus far on a fresh and new relationship?

A: Hmm… To have an open mind and to listen and understand. I’ve never been in a relationship for a very long time, so my situation was a bit tough at first. I mean I was doing, thinking, deciding everything all by myself. Any success or failures will be something I will have to either fix or celebrate on my own! But now, you have a partner and you have someone that will help you and celebrate with you. You just have to learn how to share that! It’s an amazing feeling!

Q. Since we are quarantined, what are your hobbies that keep you occupied at home?

A: Journaling, Cooking and reading more!!!! I want to say working out but let's be real!

Q. What is a motto, quote, or saying that you live by?

A: Everything will be okay. Just that saying itself has helped me with a lot of things. I’m sure many people will elaborate on that, but for me, it's just that. From simple car troubles, to bus rides home, to work during late nights! Oh, and even the first time I went on a date with Aiman! HAHA. Life has its own struggles, but at the end of it all, it is a fact that everything will always be okay - it's more so on how you see things. :)

Q: What is one piece of advice you want to share for those wanting to move away from family and on their own?

A: Save money, expect the unexpected, be patient, learn how to have an open mind about different things you might have to encounter for survival. And lastly, learn to be appreciative for every. single. thing.

It’s amazing to see the things you never thought would come handy when you’re away from home! As simple as lighting up a match and blowing it so the smoke covers the stinkiness of your poop in the washroom! HAHA


And that's all folks! Hope you all enjoyed our little Q&A. Here are some fun photo's of us for your entertainment. Until next time.


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