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My 30 day Recap

I decided it would be nice to post some photos of the things I did in the last 30 days. I thought I would have been able to do Month recaps but I can't seem to keep a consistent posting schedule.

I realized that I was missing out on one important factor in having a blog, and that was writing down my own memories and detailing what I remember about them. I just know when I'm older, it'll be harder for me to remember these moments, so I might as well do them now while I can! So here it is!

I Reconnected & Met NEW friends

It's actually quite hard finding new friends when you get older. Normally, your friends end up being your coworkers because you spend so much of your time with each other. Ronnie and I always had the same group of friends. He only started reconnecting with guys from his high school when he got invited to play in a basketball league with them. We haven't had the chance to see any of them since 2 years ago due to covid so reconnecting with most of the girls and gaining that friendship back was definitely valued.

Jordan & Laurice Visits WPG

Jordan and Laurice left last year to move to BC and we haven't had the chance to see them since our Vancouver trip. We were so surprised to hear our doorbell ring and see that they were the ones behind the doors! It was such a great week spent; drinking, eating everything, and finally going back to an escape room! J&L: We are so happy for you guys and all of the things you've accomplished thus far! WPG misses you both. Next time, we'll come to you!

Family Time

It was definitely a month to be with Family.

My brother turned 35, My cousin, Kevin, got married, and we, unfortunately, lost Kuya Al who was suffering from brain cancer for the past 2-3 years. Carla had come home for the funeral, so being able to see her was refreshing nonetheless.

I've come to realize how little we value our time and when we encounter loss, even worse, death, it's only then that we say I love you to our loved ones or appreciate the time we actually have. We wake up with gratitude until time passes by and we routinely forget again. So spending as much time that I have with those that I love, those that I truly cherish, those that constantly uplift me and unconsciously help me be a better person, has helped me be not only present but has enlightened me to be more authentic and more in tune with who I am and why I'm still here -- Living. Although I still stress about my future and I regrettably still hold on to my past, I have been trying to focus my time with the people with that I feel the happiest and where I can genuinely be myself. And I think that's really important.

Adventures, Food, and More Food

It's amazing how many local restaurants we have here that I haven't tried. I spent a Sunday morning trying out Altea Active with the doctors and staff from the clinic and afterward we were treated for lunch and went to House of Taste which is an Egyptian restaurant. I highly recommend trying their food, it was so good!

We also went out to Soul Supreme one Wednesday night to check out the live music and DJs. What an experience it was being surrounded by so many people supporting our singer-songwriters, DJ's, and local artists. Having half off on wine and trying out their tapas that were on special that day was just an add-on to a fun and eventful night. Amazing!

If you haven't tried Aroma Bistro on St. Mary's yet, you are truly missing out. I haven't tried their soup options yet but I've heard really good things about it. I always get the Shrimp Bowl (without pork). I have never been disappointed with their food because it always hits the spot. They recently renovated so we got to dine in and had the chance to experience their great service and also met their head chef! Literally, 10/10!

Le's Sub was another local restaurant we never knew existed. Hidden behind a gas station on Portage so close to where I went to school. They have so many Vietnamese Vegan options. I tried their Vegan Pho which wasn't so bad. Next time I'll have to try their Vegan Vermicelli to-go because the service wasn't the best. But it was a great place for photo ops, let me tell ya!

Other than all the food, the alcohol (as always), and the number of random people that have come in and out of our new place, my 30 days were all well worth it. April has come and gone and I am so excited to feel the sun because your girl needs all the Vitamin D she can get! Summer is just around the corner and I can't wait for new adventures and all-worthy photos to share!

What are your plans for this summer? I'd love to hear from you! Send a message and say hey!

Until next time.


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