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My Best friend is Engaged Y'all!

I am finally at an end to an Era. Something that has nothing to do with me but for someone that has made such a huge impact in my life. My best friend since kindergarten is engaged!

I've known Ryan & Pike practically my whole life. I remember those days in elementary when my sister and I would have to get dropped off early in the morning before school to some auntie's house who were good friends with my parents. She would have a bunch of kids there just getting up in the morning, eating breakfast as we watched "Popular Mechanics for Kids". One of those kids was Ryan. We would wait there until everyone was ready to walk over to Finney and make our separate ways as we rushed in line to get inside to start class.

When we started Junior high, we'd only see Ryan in the hallways. It was only a matter of time his friends became our friends and we somehow all migrated together as we hung out around the basketball court behind Leila North during lunch. We used to pass little notes to each other and talk about stupid things, mainly about the drama going on during that time. I remember getting these notes from Ryan as well and we became friends. I used to invite him over to our teenage parties (even when it wasn't my house), and he was just always that kid around with his beaded white neckless holding a basketball and his huge ass backpack.

What I find extremely funny is that throughout this whole course of Elementary to High School, Pikey was my right-hand (wo)man. We instantly became best friends in kindergarten, and became inseparable ever since. We used to have these little groups, one of which I'm sure everyone remembers, was JKS. I can still remember that damn song we made up. So cringy!

Till this day, Pike swears she doesn't remember Ryan ever really being around. She remembers him because we went to the same school as him, but not the fact that he used to actually hang out with us. It was only when they started at Sisler High School that they connected, and eventually, fell in love.

It's crazy to think we're at this time in our lives where friends are ultimately doing their own thing. Friends are getting married, having kids, starting school, finishing school, buying properties, traveling the world - Anything and everything! We watch and admire from afar and here we are quietly rooting for each other as they crush their own personal goals and grow into the humans they were destined to be. I am one lucky gal to have seen Pike grow into the beautiful person she is today. She has been through literally everything with me, all the good and bad, and she is still by my side until this day. Not many people can say that. And now... Seeing her and how much she's accomplished thus far makes me one proud-ass friend.

You guys have gone through so much this past year and yet you guys have overcome all the obstacles. I am extremely happy for the both of you and I can't wait to see you guys blossom into this new chapter together. I love you both so so so much!

I'll save the rest for my speech during the wedding, lol.

Until next time.


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