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My First Thrift Haul!

Since I always talk and preach about how thrifting has so many economical benefits and has been the new fad, I thought to try out a Thrift Haul for everyone!!

I go every couple of weeks to check out if there's anything new that I could find. One store we always try and stop by is Plato's Closet. The company re-sells in fashion clothes from active wear, casual wear, brand name purses and shoes, to semi formal dresses. People are able to bring loads of their old clothes and receive cash back! So for those looking at making a few extra bucks, bring your stuff there. The most I made was about $80! Another great thing about Plato's Closet, is that they also have SALES! So on top of your $5.00 shirt, if you're lucky, you can still get 20% off! I subscribed to their promotions, so they'll text me when they have a really good sale going on. Last time it was 70% off of active wear! You seriously can't go wrong with finding Lululemon under $20.

My goal every time we go thrifting is to try and find clothes under $10 depending on what I'm looking for. So far, I've been pretty lucky. Here are a few things I was able to find just under $10... (Note: Retail prices are just my estimated value)

American Eagle's Slim Straight Jeans

Retail for $52.46 | Thrift find for $7.00

Garage's White Crop Top

Retail $19.95 | Thrift find for $2.00 (They had a sale, otherwise it would have been $5.00!)

Old Navy's Grey Long-Sleeve Turtle Neck

Retail $29.99 | Thrift find for $10.00

Urban Outfitter's Cropped Tank

Retail $34.00 | Thrift find for $8.00

I have about 10 other pieces of clothing that I'd share but I don't think I'm cut out to take photos of myself! I'm too awkward! So this will do for now! If you guys know of a great photographer willing to shoot, let me know!

For those wondering why thrifting is better than purchasing new from fast fashion stores, check out my latest post "There's No Planet B"

Until next time!


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