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My Week in ONE Post

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Since we're all physical distancing, I thought what better way to spend five to ten minutes of your time than to read what I've done this passed week! Although I'm still working (Bless everyone that are also still working), and I can leave the house to spend my mornings there, I'd get home around two in the afternoon then have all day with my roomies (who are all off)!

Since I'm in contact with everyone at the clinic, my main concern is bringing something home to them. So you can only imagine the anxiety levels on many of us health workers coming home after dealing with patients all day. So before I go ahead with my week, I'd like to give a shout out and send out my appreciation to all the workers at the hospitals, testing centres, even the essential stores that are still currently open. We're All In This Together.


What better way to a start and end of a week. Dalgona Coffee - at eight in the evening. I don't know what we were thinking trying this out. I couldn't sleep for hours afterwards, but it probably didn't help that I also put Bailey's in there for myself. But damn, was it good! You may have probably seen in all over IG, but in case you want to try it out, click here. It's a super easy recipe!


I've been missing Hot Yoga like crazy and honestly, after I was starting to feel better mentally and emotionally, I stopped my meditation practices. So I completely lost how to simply take my time to relax, breath, and focus on my inner self, my centre, and my present. So when I saw that POPSUGAR Fitness posted a recent Yoga video on YouTube, my sister and I had to try it the next day. It obviously was not the same since it wasn't in a HOT setting and the instructor made us do cardio in between? Weird. But it was something, and I'm glad I did it. It made me realize that I need to re-start these practices in order to make me feel more balanced. Taking the time to do this, even for 10-20 minutes, can make a huge difference in your ever-day lives. Try it out!


Most of Tuesday was spent in my bed, on my laptop, while switching between Friends and The Good Place. Ronnie also spent his time making that desktop background I have on my laptop. Isn't it the cutest thing ever? This was when I kept complaining to him that I needed a bigger screen, because my 13" wasn't cutting it for when I wanted to make spreadsheets or use two applications at once for work. I may have just been itching for something new.


Normally by the middle of the week, I've already dealt with complaining doctors, overwhelmed staff, 100+ tasks and e-mails, and have gone through a case of beer (luckily now, it's not by myself - Thanks Vince!). I cannot stress enough about the importance of self-care and self-distress. I used to take baths all the time when I lived in Calgary and again in our apartment in Bridgwater. This may have been the first time I sat in my tub in the house, and if you're anything like me where your mind wanders until you're finally settled in and can focus, you will probably notice a few things. 1. The bathtub has not been properly cleaned like your boyfriend said it was, and 2. You've contemplated whether holding your phone and your book to take a photo was worth it if one of them were to accidentally drop. But, I did it anyways! ha ha ha! After all that, I tried to take a photo of me creeping through the water and literally scared myself. This is that photo. Enjoy! (LOL).


I B O U G H T A N i M A C Y' A L L

I decided to call in early in the morning to request that I work from home today with the intention that I actually would - After buying a new computer! Weirdly enough, tech stores are on the essential list and are open for business. Do you know why? Cause I can't seem to understand it myself other than the very same reason I went ahead and drove through the stupid 2nd winter storm that Winnipeg is having: "Because I needed it for work"....

Is that why? Well anyways, it wasn't just for me. Ronnie's school is still planning on starting in September and other than the laptop he just bought, he'll definitely need this. So I feel a bit better knowing that. Now I can make all the spreadsheets that I want without straining my eyes from doing it through my laptop. Wow, I'm a princess...

Thursday we didn't spend all day in the office. It was also Taco Thursday Night, and we decided to take out the good ol' Captain Morgans while playing Ultimate Alliance 3! Every time we died in the game, we had to take a shot. All of us were feeling pretty good by the end of the night.


My Friday was spent watching YouTube videos and catching up on my binge worthy TV shows. This distancing thing is really testing my patience. Jeni has been baking non-stop, we've been hanging out in this setting for 2 weeks now whether it's watching movies, playing video games, working out or having our dinner - It's always in this setting. I have a love-hate relationship with it, but if we were going to go through this pandemic, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm so thankful that I can say that I have healthy friends and family and no one that I know has been affected by the COVID-19 virus. We're all doing great here in 279. It's definitely challenging not seeing close family, especially over the weekend, and it's hard when you don't have anything to look forward too. But this will eventually pass - We all just have to be smarter about it. The more we break the rules = More positive cases = The longer you'll be caged in your home. Appreciate what you've got and look forward to the future.

Ps. I'm writing this on a Saturday hence why there's no S A T U R D A Y photo.

I also forgot to mention, Ron made some samples for NIEO, check it out:

Until next time.


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