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Niagara Street

We finally moved here to Oak Bluff, Manitoba, with my mom & her partner, Elmer. It took us the whole day to decide whether we were going to actually move because of the heavy restrictions going on right now, but at the end of it, we packed our things and got everything out of our old house and into our "basement suite" aka. Mom's house.

I'm going to miss living in River Heights. One thing I absolutely loved about living on Niagara Street was literally the location. We had a 7-Eleven on both ends of our block, local restaurants and grocery shops were within walking distance, and the neighborhood itself was always so welcoming. You can walk outside and you'll literally say hi to 5-10 people - It's amazing! Ever since my dad moved into River Heights right after I graduated High School, I knew it was the neighborhood I wanted to grow my family. It's a little sad - It's like I made a big loop and I'm back to my highway driving, just like it was when I lived in Headingley.

It's bittersweet. Thinking of all the good times we had on Niagara Street. All the hiccups of living in a 100-year-old house - Finding out AFTER we moved in that there's no AC, to finding random rooms in our basement that made us quickly second guess our decision to move in, lol. But, accepting the house as it is and ultimately going with it. All the fun house plans I had with Ron & Jeni - Painting the whole basement, buying patio furniture and a new barbeque to use all summer long (which we did!), and moving around the living room more times than we can count! But not only that, it was all the learning and compromising we've done living with each other for the past 3 years that really gets to me and hits my heart the most. Knowing that Ron and I probably won't ever live with Jeni after moving we all move on with our lives makes me a little sad. I know it was definitely time, and as we go our separate ways, it'll make our relationship with her a lot stronger. But for now, let's remember all the good times we had on Niagara Street!

I absolutely loved our big windows in the house. It cancelled out the fact that I had a SINK sitting right in the middle of our room (don't forget, this was a 100 year-old house!). The windows just made our room feel so much bigger than it really was. We never ended up getting curtains, we just loved the sun beaming in, and I'm sure our neighbors loved seeing me naked every once in a while!


Before Cash moved to Brandon, he was basically our 4th roommate. He spent a lot of time over and we loved it. I couldn't leave him out of my Niagara Street memory post because well, now that he lives in a different city, we won't have the same type of experience when we find our forever home, and it ultimately won't ever be the same. Ya feel?


Our place has always been the go-to for parties. I'm not even being bias. I feel like because all three of us love to host, it's just a given that the get-togethers end up at our place. If we weren't ever in a pandemic, I'm sure we would have thrown way more ragers than we already did. But needless to say, we definitely used up the house to bring in all of our friends and family, and it was well worth it.


& most importantly, as we say goodbye to our Niagara home, we also say goodbye to our precious last memories of our putty boy. Putz moved to many houses with me all his life, and this being his last home will make it that much more close to my heart. My dogs are basically my kids, and I'm sure many of you that own or used to have a dog would understand the pain an owner goes through when our companion passes. So here are some photos of my pups in the house.

And... That's all folks.

It's time to adjust to the suburbs, adapt to this new lifestyle, and keep on moving.

We'll miss you Niagara Street!


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