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On To Paradise

Life is too short to wait for "next time" or to skip what you think are important events. We are never promised a tomorrow and yet we take advantage of it like it's always going to be given to us...

This year I've had to say bye to 3 people that have crossed in my lifetime. And whether they were family or not, it still hurts as much. We've come across world wide news of unfortunate events with mass shootings or even local updates of people we knew back in high school going to jail for almost killing someone. And we sit here thinking what happened? Yet we don't change the way we live. I personally think that it's hard to face reality since we've been walking through our days with an endless routine as we wait for the weekend. Not fully realizing that everyday is a blessing and we should take it upon ourselves to say Thank You or I love you to those that we care about.

I still can't believe how easy it is to slip simple hello messages under the rug. The "oh, I'm sure she's doing fine" becomes too familiar until unfortunate events happen. We choose not to think about death like we have all this time in the world, when we don't. And It's scary. But days like today definitely speak truth in our everyday lives. We're not promised tomorrow - Never was. So why do we choose to avoid phone calls from old friends, or decide it's not worth the money to go home for a couple days? No one really has an answer to that. And I think that's why we feel numb or completely broken after unfortunate news.

I do think that we try to do the best we can. When the people we love are far from us, we tend to miss them and appreciate them more. But, I can't stress enough how many times I've deleted messages that I was so close to sending, thinking that it's not worth the small talk when I already know the answer. And yet, when someone leaves this world too soon comes as a surprise, we contact all of our loved ones to say - I love you. Even after spending countless days not speaking to each other. It never make sense, and I don't think it ever will.

But regardless of my little rant. This is the life we were given - And as unfair as it can be, we still move through the motion because unfortunately, life goes on. I think it's time to be thankful for another day ahead, for endless love and support, and to live like there is no tomorrow. My deepest condolences to all of those who have lost someone, not just this year, but in their lifetime. It's definitely a time to be together and be surrounded by family and friends. So after reading this post, if you haven't yet said it already today. I advise you say it now. I love you, I miss you - Thank you.

Rest in Peace Jen Sherjan

Rest in Peace Uncle Hector Venancio

Rest in Peace Abbey Gail Amisola


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