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Our First Annual

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

It's been a while since our family was able to plan a trip out for a weekend. So when there was some discussion on going out to Asissipi for a 2-day trip, we jumped on the occasion and made it happen!

Although it wasn't everyone, and the location that we slept in was filled with taxidermy. I was able to feel comfort knowing we were all together, some place else, surrounded with family. I'm close to a month late on posting this, but better late than never!

Since we didn't know what to expect like whether there was going to be a proper kitchen with appliances, enough beds or even proper heat, we packed like we were going on a week trip and brought all the essentials! And since we've been cautious with being sustainably friendly along with getting everyone to stay away from single use products, Jeni and I decided it be best we brought the necessary equipment!

Here's a list of things everyone can get into the habit of bringing on a cabin trip:

1. Reusable plates

2. Reusable cutlery

3. Reusable Cups & Shot Glasses

4. Canned soda *

5. Large recycling bags

6. Water Jug & pump (Yes, we brought a whole 18L jug)

*Although both plastic bottles are also recyclable, it can only be recycled about 4-6 times where aluminum can be recycled time and time again!

At the end of the trip, we had more to recycle than we did garbage! We also didn't have to use a lot of the water bottles or the extra red shot glasses that were brought! So I'd say we did pretty well!

I should also mention that since February was the month to cut out Beef, I had to find alternatives, and having a family that loves their meat definitely made it feel like a test for myself. Which brings me back a few weeks prior to our trip, my coworker recommended I try Halal meat and since then, I've made my decision to only purchase meat that was Halal (I'll explain my reasoning in a next post). Because of this, I was able to get chicken hot dogs, chicken burgers, and much more!

Here are a few photos I was able to take over the trip! Can't wait for our NEXT ANNUAL!

Until next time!


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