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I find it funny how J-DAY became an actual thing. Not like we shouldn't celebrate my sister's special day - But the fact that those who are close to us know that as September comes around, it's not only J-DAY, but it's J-WEEK, hell - it's J-MONTH!

So to remember her 23rd birthday this year, I thought it be nice to post some pictures up! Thank you to everyone that showed up and made her feel extra special. She definitely deserves the love that you guys have given her all month!

A quick thank you goes out to those that helped cleaned the Clubhouse prior to moving the party upstairs to our apartment, and for those that brought food, your own cup, and plenty of alcohol to drink. You guys are awesome!

I am sorry if I didn't get a photo of you in case you are not in the pictures I post. (These are mainly my friends....) But, you are still appreciated!

Anyway, here ya go. Enjoy!

I may do this more often since I love taking photos! So if you want to see more of me and my friends/family, send a message (say hey!) and let me know what you think!


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