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There is NO planet B

On Friday September 27, 2019, millions of people across Canada rallied and marched down the streets of their city to call for action on Climate Crisis.

This was the very first time I've ever been a part of a strike. I felt tingles down my spine the minute we walked towards the Legislative building. I couldn't believe the turn out and how I was in awe the whole time we were there. The amount of people, all different ages, children, high schools, families, all together to call out for action as we all repeatedly chanted that "Time Is Running Out"

Seeing so many younger generations who skipped school to be a part of the march, even younger kids with signs brought to this strike as a field trip was so crazy to see. It's not that they shouldn't see this, but it addresses the issue on a greater scale. I've come across older generations not realizing the impact they can make for our younger generation, yet many are too oblivious that this crisis is a real thing. And not only that, but how many of us continue to share, like, and "pray" on social media when there are disasters happening across the globe but still don't take necessary actions on fixing the solution? I can't stress enough that we're the reason that this is happening, and if we don't make changes now, it'll jeopardize the future of our children and our grandchildren, because they ultimately will be the ones that have to live through the catastrophic change that will be out of our human control.

Many of you have seen Greta Thunberg's speech as she condemns World Leaders on not taking the necessary action on the climate. Greta had such a powerful message as she announced their failure to drastically cut the carbon emissions. She not only mentions that they stole her childhood, but details that "People are dying. Our entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction." And yet, many leaders across the world have not spoken up, have come empty-handed or have already said they were doing enough. For more than 30 years now, they have not proved to us they are willing to change. My only hope is now they will. Thank you, Greta.

If you are looking for ways to help and be a part of the change. I'd recommend a few things:

1. Go Vegetarian

We found out recently that the reason for the rainforest fires were from the fire torches initiated from humans. It was in order to create more land so that they can produce more pigs and cows so that they can satisfy our human bellies. Not only that, but the amount of water and C02 emissions that go into creating a beef patty or slices of bacon is what contributes to our climate change. We are already overpopulating, soon enough we won't have enough food consumption to feed everyone living on earth. So I ask you this, is it worth the 5 minutes to taste and gobble down a burger when it takes up to 90% of our water and energy to create that burger? The concept is to try and limit ourselves. I'm not saying you need to go full-on vegetarian, but choosing meat-free meals from time to time will go a long way. Going a week without eating meat every month still makes an impact, going a whole month, even more, and going without, even greater.

2. Go Green at Home & Your Commute

We don't think about this often but simple ways to help while at home or on your commute would be to use your energy wisely:

- Buy LED light bulbs that simply use less energy

- Reduce your water consumption even if it means less bubble baths

- Wash your clothes with cold water (not hot) it'll still clean your clothes

- Hang dry your clothes

- Avoid having to use your heater or air conditioner when you don't have too

- Carpool. If you're all going to the same place, why not go together?

- Take the transit or use your bike that's been collecting dust in your garage

These are all simple ways on making the earth a little greener.

3. Consume less, Waste less, and Recycle

Thrifting is the new fad anyways. It's one way to stop buying clothes from fast fashion industries. Companies that solely rely on continuous, cheap, and quick production of clothing are one of the leading causes to our climate change. They not only have hazardous sweat shops where foreign countries are placed to work, but they also contribute to massive pollution, using gallons of water, toxic chemicals, and a massive amount of C02 emission.

Purchasing second hand clothes, hardware, even furniture, completely cuts out the middle man. You'd be surprised at what you can find at a value village, on kijiji, even on facebook market! For those into vintage or street wear, I'd recommend you check out @rec.collection on instagram. They are a local (CAD) online business searching for the best thrift finds. Essentially doing the work for you when you're just too lazy to get up and search for yourself. Check them out!

4. Support, Get Active, and Start the Conversation

It felt so empowering to walk down with so many people as we chanted for change. The amount of honking on the streets rallying us up, the people watching from above buildings, videos from everywhere. It was definitely something I was glad to be a part of.

During the speeches, there were individuals walking around giving out flyers on ways to support the strike. Giving us helpful links to read up on, hastags to use on social media, and how to contribute to the companies that are eager to make a difference. I suggest you check out the links below to find out how You can help. Start the conversation and get people involved. The more. The merrier!

[ Follow @mbyouthforclimateaction on Instagram ]

* Also check out Greta's Speech on Youtube by clicking here

* Follow our page

*Follow @rec.collection for all your thrift needs

Here are some photos from the Climate Crisis Strike in Winnipeg, MB.

Join the next strike happening on November 29, 2019.

Until next time.


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