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V-Day calls for Memory Lane..

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all! I'm a day late - but that's what I get for being a procrastinator! Regardless, let's pretend it's still the day before and talk a little about V DAY!... This day is literally made for couples to express their love and gratitude to their loved ones all over social media without sounding ridiculously corny. It's a day filled with ALL sorts of love and because we're on the topic.. I might as well throw in one of my fondest memories with R which makes it extra special it being V-day and all!

So I can't remember the exact date, but it wasn't in this cold, gross, never-ending winter. It was probably mid-fall and our forecast was super unpredictable; it would rain, then we would have complete sunshine, then rain again. Which I guess is pretty normal in Winnipeg. Anyways, this was when Ron and I were so unsure on whether we were going to be together or not. I mean, at least I was. I know that those who know us know our story and what we did to be together. But not everyone knows the stories leading up to it - So here is the pre of the beginning of our beautiful & blooming relationship:

I was just having one of those typical days, over-thinking everything. I was getting ready to head out to one of our friend's place to hang out there for the evening, and had invited Ronnie to come with us. He picked me up in his white Honda Civic, we went over to our friends place and spent the night laughing at ridiculous things we used to do. As we all were winding down, I suggested that Ron and I go for a walk before he had to bring me to his parent's place to get picked up. So he drove over to a corner in Amber Trails (close to where he lived), and we walked down a grey pavement path until we reached a bench. As we sat there, I vividly remember the sky being a tinge of orange and it was starting to get cooler as the wind started to pick up. I basically told him there and then that I had immense feelings for him but nothing could ever happen between us, we couldn't be together for reasons I won't mention. He insisted that he would make it work, and that he also had the same feelings. It was an argument that went back and fourth until we slowly got closer and closer to each other without realizing it. He sat beside me staring and although my effort was there to resist, I without a doubt, wanted him to kiss me. But instead, we were hit with pouring rain right over us and had to run back to the car.

At that point, I thought since we said what we needed to say, we could move on and pretend like nothing ever happened. But, as we got into the car, he turned to me, grabbed a sweater and told me to put it on. We awkwardly sat there for a few minutes until he decided to put some music on. I was overall confused as to why he wouldn't just start up the car and head over to his place. Instead, he blasted my all time fave - Ed Sheeran, looked at me, and told me when he counts down from 3, we're going to run back out and run and dance in the rain. In my mind, I was like You gotta be kidding me. It was pouring rain and I was not about to go out there and get soaked. Then before I knew it, he started to count down.. 3 - 2 - 1... We ran out of the car, ran right into the rain, and just danced our way with Ed Sheeran singing in the background. Can you say cheesy or what?

As we got back into the car, he blasted the heat, turned to me again but this time with the attempt of a kiss, and at that moment - I turned away and told him it was time to head back as my ride was waiting. Although it would have been perfect, I knew deep down it was wrong. I thought he would have been angry but we just laughed our whole way back like it was something ordinary we had just done. That night stuck with me for a long time after, and I could still remember it like it was just yesterday. Although it wasn't the right time for us to be together, we both experienced something that we ultimately cherish till this day. Something so ridiculous and naive, yet so so fun!

It's been 4 years now, and I can say he still surprises me in so many ways. Gosh, ain't that cute or what?

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my little short love story (to be continued). I hope you guys all enjoyed your Valentine's Day and if not, I hope I was able to entertain you for the meanwhile. If you did something super fun yesterday and would like to share - I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time,


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