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V-Day Finds

I'm not one for Valentine's day. But I'm also not an anti-Valentine's day person either. I love seeing posts of people showing their love of their significant others. It's so cute seeing all the fun things people come up with to make the day special.

I find it funny that as I say I'm not one for it, here I am posting about it! I wasn't really expecting anything to be honest. I think it hit Ron a little harder when I told him after watching To all the Boys : Always and Forever that he's never actually taken me on a real date for the 7 years that we've been together. He must have decided it be best he finally takes me on one. I mean, we've been on A LOT of dates. But it's never been where I didn't know where we were going or what we were doing. Having little surprises like that makes me all warm inside. I love it.

This morning, I woke up to him basically staring at me telling me to wake up and get ready. I asked why since I knew we didn't have plans. He said "I'm not telling you". I'm a pretty difficult person, I hate not knowing, and now I understand why it may have been hard for Ronnie to actually take me out on dates because I'm one to ALWAYS want to know why I have to get ready and for what reason. So he says... "Just get up, I'm taking you out on a date".

I would have been happy waking up to breakfast or like just hanging out with each other at home. But, this was something different and honestly, I felt that same way I did being excited but not knowing why. I was just excited to go out and be with him. Especially through this pandemic, we haven't had a chance to do this in a really long time.

He took me to this super cute Coffee shop called "Joy Coffee Bar".

The government recently lifted a few restrictions where it just seemed perfect that we were able to actually dine in. It was just R and I in the shop, our first time, and a great experience. We met the owner there, tried out his recommendations on the menu and just had a super cute and peaceful brunch.

We talked about our future, about how I'd love to be able to blog about things I love full-time, and we just talked one-on-one about things we seemed to neglect in our daily lives. There's always a side of someone other people don't get to see. That's what makes a relationship so special. Being able to see R light up when I talk about my ambitions and my interests at a whole makes me fall right back in love with him. I don't normally talk about stuff such as what I truly want to accomplish or do in my future because I often fall back into my reality which I personally hate myself for. But he tends to find ways to show me that it doesn't have to always be unrealistic. Searching up ways for me to get out of this hell hole of a career and just providing support every time I want to actually talk about it.

Anyways, back to our day... After brunch, we went and did a thrift haul! We stopped by the Thrift Store and Plato's and went to town! We're trying our best not to give in to fast fashion so for a couple years now, we've been accustomed to thrifting and buying clothes from local stores. It's a thrill finding gently used clothing for such a cheap price and being able to share that to everyone to do the same makes a difference in cutting out fast fashion all together.

Another thing I absolutely love about R is his sense of fashion. He dresses how he wants without breaking the bank! He's half-way through fashion school too, so I learn what material lasts longer, I learn what's more sustainable, and I basically have my own fashion stylist! It's pretty awesome. So here are our finds!!

Top Speckled Grey Long-Sleeve $8.00


Dynamite Blouse $12.00


Loose Fitted Pants $8.00


Collard Shirt $8.00 | Black Boots $15.00


Nike Runners $40.00 (originally $150.00)


RHUDE x PUMA Runners $60.00 (originally $125.00) *THIS IS AMAZING for all of those streetwear fashionista's out there, right?!!


When I say we went to town, we definitely went. to. town!! Honestly, it was just a nice break from sitting at home doing nothing. It makes me so grateful of the little things we are able to do now since we've been neglected of it for almost a year now. I haven't been myself and I know we're all just trying to keep moving past the hardship of this pandemic. We also went through a pretty tough week in our household so just being able to step away and have a nice peaceful day helped so much. And I just have to thank Ronnie every-day for putting up with me and still managing to make this day special.

I'd love to hear all the fun things you guys were able to do for Valentine's day! Send me a message and say hey!

Stay safe & Happy V Day everyone!


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