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Ever since my sister decided she wanted to get into Environmental Studies, I gained a lot of interest in becoming sustainably conscious. She speaks very passionately about it and has become a local public figure due to her actions and eye opening highlights she posts on social media.

Jeni shares the importance and impact people could make if they were to change one simple lifestyle habit. And although her and Ronnie both show their constant effort in that area, they also grew mindful of my passion for animals.

I wanted to dedicate some of my time trying to help animals in need which I talked about in a previous post. Last year I wanted to start volunteering in animal shelters, become persistent in signing petitions, and start donating to organizations across the globe. Since then, I started to do more research and ultimately educated myself in improving ways I could help.

One thing we preach about regarding single-use products is the fact that we are one less person on this earth putting stuff into our landfill. We don't need to put unnecessary garbage into our waste when there are alternative ways on reducing it. Which brings me to my statement for this post...

I want to be one less person needing the fulfillment of animal meat. And there you have it, I am on my way on being a vegetarian!

Since I am Filipino decent, majority if not all of our dishes have some sort of animal meat included; their flesh, organs, or there I say, blood. I realized how difficult the task would be at hand and how much self control I am willing to take, which is why I decided not to go Cold Turkey. I decided to gradually take out a certain type of meat every month starting January 1st, 2019. This will allow me to be more persistent on recipes and to focus on alternative ways to reduce meat in general.

I didn't decide this on my own however, I was fortunate enough to meet a guy by the name of Jericho (here is his instagram page) who was at a party and told me he has been following my blog. He talked to me about his journey on being Vegan and the difficulties he went through. He suggested that if my plan was to cut out meat forever, that gradually reducing a certain type per month would be more helpful. He also mentioned that it's okay to make mistakes along the way as long as I have the right intentions. After all, we're human and we grew up eating these type of nourishments. So, thank you, Jericho - I definitely needed that extra push!

So here goes my journey and I can't wait! If you are interested in helping certain organizations, I've listed a few that need your attention:

My sister and I recently started a new instagram page called "". So if you haven't yet already, give it a follow!


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