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We Go Way Back

I hope you don't look up my post about relationships for advice, but searched to entertain yourself or to find relatable situations. I'm not an expert in this type of category nor am I the one to tell you what you should be doing to make your relationship work. I am here to express my own experience in the matter - What I think love means, the difficulties, and I guess, to give some people hope that there are great people out there for you.

This first one of course is about my relationship of 4 and a half years. One that was filled with expedited falls, bumpy curves, and one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. All of which describes us right now. I met Ronnie back in 2005, we would see each other often because my sister was on the same basketball team as his younger brother. He was weird, I'm not going to lie. He had braces, magnified glasses, and a bowl head haircut he covered with snapback caps. But as far as that goes, he was an athletic boy who did not yet hit puberty and was one hell of a fashionista. I remember just one time during a practice, I was sitting with the older brothers from the basketball team I had already knew, and Ron was dribbling and shooting by himself. I thought since he was there alone, he could use some friends to hang out with since we were always there during practices. That one day I went up to him basically was our start to our friendship. It's crazy how one choice can literally change your whole life around! I went up to him and said: "You're pretty good at basketball, why don't you play?" and honestly, he just giggled. This lead to my other friends talking to him, small talk to small talk, we eventually grew a friendship seeing each other on Sundays which lead to camping trips, birthday parties, then later when we were old enough, drinking and sleep overs.

Ron was always to himself. He never said much, was always kind, generous, and funny. We became best friends the summer he got his license. He always used to tell me as soon as he was able to take his drivers, he would, so that he could always come to pick me up from Headingley. It didn't happen until about 2 years after being eligible. But all said and done, he got a car, and kept his promise. He would pick me up on random days to take me to the mall or to go out and eat, and honestly, I think that's how our friendship grew. Although I was in a relationship during that time, it was nice to have someone I could talk too, yell at, and have a shoulder to cry on. He was my best friend, and that's all I really needed.

Now how we ended up together is for another post. The main deal here was to get you started on how we met! So stay tuned!

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