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And just like that... I made it through my first week back in school! Being in a whole different environment with other students who are more or less on the same boat as I am; trying to balance school, work, and some sort of social life. Drinking countless cups of coffee, and spending majority of our time in front of a computer screen. Funny how easily you can readapt - You leave for 3-5 years and come back like nothing has changed (other than the age group). Nonetheless, I'm glad I'm back.

Rewinding back to my first day of school - The already stressful beginning hoping that I walked into the right class, and finding that one spot not too close to the front but not too far back where I can't see. Getting our syllabus, and of course, meeting my classmates with the awkward "Let's get to know each other" BINGO game. I can't stress enough how hard that can be for someone with such bad social skills... But we did it, and it's finally over!

Speaking of getting to know each other, leads me to one of my classes. The last and largest class of the day. Our prof decided to do something new - No BINGO game or standing up and stating our name and what we did over the holidays. Something different. He gave all of us a piece of paper and told us to "Write down 3 things that make you stand out from everyone else in this classroom". And to my disadvantage, I couldn't FOR THE LIFE of me, think of 3 things that could possibly make me stand out.

When you really think about it, do you actually know what makes you, You? And I'm not talking about the things that come easy, I'm talking about what you actually think of when you think about yourself. Because when I think about myself, I can imagine countless great things, but when it comes down telling someone else about it, it's not the best. Why is that? I'm sure we all have certain strengths and weaknesses, but majority of us only focus on what we're not good at. And ultimately, it defeats us. So this year, I advise you guys to write things down (like I always say), put it down in your notebook or diary or whatever it might be. Post it on your fridge, bulletin board, or be creative with it. A simple question that can cause you to really reflect and learn more about yourself; how you feel about pizza, animals, or your hairstyle. Simple things like that can add up to a greater mindset and a happier heart.

So here I am, promising you guys, that by the end of this semester. I'll have 3 things that make me stand out that isn't:

1. I have 2 siblings

2. My hobbies include: Boxing, Ice Skating, and Running

3. I was born in Winnipeg

Let's stand out together.


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