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YEAR # 5

And just like that... We are on year number 5!

Ron and I have gone from being everyone's least favourite couple, skipping the drama and moving provinces, going in and out of major debt, to taking turns sleeping on the couch, only to find ourselves still in complete and utterly love for one another. I told him that I have never been with anyone longer than three years that once our four year anniversary came around, he made it clear that he was here to stay. This year I got a card that said "I can't believe we made it this far". Which I laughed at as we reminisced what had happened to us over the past year.

This post is to let those who are also going through some hardship know, that it does not get easier (lol). But the minute you step into a relationship where you know you feel that sense of comfort, love, and emotion for one another. All the hard stuff essentially becomes ordinary and that's because you're not going through it alone. We both know that we're destined to fall and make mistakes, but it's the encouragement and support that we both have for one another that keep our relationship alive and well. I'm not saying we should win an award - I'm saying we've gone through battles together that could have very well broken us apart - but didn't. It's the hardships that make you stronger, and I truly believe that.

Because we're not much for gifts or sappy couple things. We spent our anniversary in the comfort of my family! For those who don't know me, I am extremely family oriented, so a day with them are always my best days. It wasn't much of our plan to spend our anniversary with my brother and sister, but it turned out that way, and from the looks of it, we both were extremely happy with how our day went, and I seriously would not have wanted it any other way.

I'd like to think that five years is a pretty big thing, a milestone for us, and another year of me bragging about how great he is. So I hope you find yourself smiling while reading this post cause it's pretty sappy, maybe even a little cliché. Nonetheless, we're happy - So get over it!

Happy Anniversary Ron, I love you!


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